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Promotional Video about AT (Opens in new window)
A new (Feb 2010) American video. It's a sales pitch written by a doctor (narrated by a robot by the sound of it) BUT there's lots of really well composed examples and animations which go a long way to showing you the importance of keeping the head and neck free.

BBC Interview about ATEAM Medical Study
(Opens in new window Only works on browsers that support FLASH player)
Diana Maclellan AT teacher gives the news reader a 'turn'.

Walter Carrington takes a pupil into and out of a chair
The grand master of AT takes a pupil through the basics of chair-work.

Elisabeth Walker Demonstrates the Lunge
Lunging is an important technique to practise.

BMJ video about the ATEAM Medical Study
The economic argument for medically prescribed AT lessons is discussed against footage of pupils having lessons and talking about their experiences and the benefits they have gained.
Video removed: See this link instead

The Whispered 'Ah'
Ron Murdock demonstrates the technique for this simple vocal exercise


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