The Alexander Technique

Jeff Hall - Alexander Teacher

About Me

I took my first Alexander lesson in 1989 and, after 12 years of individual lessons, undertook three years full time professional training as an AT teacher in 2002-2004. I trained under Ray Evans and Ron Colyer at the Alexander Re-education Centre in Berkshire (United Kingdom). I am a member of the Society of Teachers of The Alexander Tecnique (STAT) which is based in London.

I teach AT from home, fitting it around my Internet and e-commerce business, which I also run from home. I have a comfortable balance between these two activities.

My Background

I am a qualified Chartered Minerals Surveyor and have a masters degree in the mathematical science of Operational Research. I worked for many years in the British coal industry in the Midlands and as a management consultant in London, before striking-out into the business world, initially running a management training company and later moving into information technology.

Although I have now retired from the world of commerce, I have first-hand experience of the stress of spending up to 14 hours a day working with computers and I can say without doubt that AT has prevented me from suffering the backaches and potential RSI problems that many computer users have to deal with.

Lessons with me

I like to talk! You will be educated and hopefully entertained as I take you on a guided tour of your body, aided by my under-nourished assistant "Bruce" the plastic skeleton. I am fascinated by the way bodies work. While I use my hands to show you the things you don't know you're doing to yourself, and better ways of consciously controlling your body, I'll explain what's going-on on a physiological level.

But that's not all! You will discover that what you think is just as important as what you do, when it comes to using your body. You won't need to do any physical exercises but be prepared to exercise your mind in a new, exciting way!

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